Step away from the home hair colour box… 

As the lockdown weeks roll on, we know how tempting it can be to DIY.

While we can’t give your hair the care it needs in our salons just yet, we can help to tide you over until we meet again.

From Monday 4th May we will be offering a safe and contactless ‘mix & drop’ hair colour service for Nashwhite clients who want to cover their roots only.

Brunette/darker hair only at this time with a cost of £30.

Using our salon notes from your last appointment, we will mix your personal hair colour (in our car) outside your house and drop it off on your doorstep together with tint brush, cape, gloves and quick application method for you to use straight away.

We know it’s not essential right now, but we also know and have heard from many of you how having fresh-looking hair can make a difference to your vibe and day.

We’ve got your back – just hold in there.

Sign up using the form if you want to take us up on the offer or if you just want to have a chat – we always have time for you.

Kindest Regards Lee and Rob x