During this pandemic, we have taken the time to reflect, rethink and reconnect. This journey started full of fear and uncertainty and whilst we have had our ups and downs, we are prepared to adapt, ready to re-build and we’re looking forward to connecting with people again.

Nashwhite is a home to build relationships. Rooted in the community, we create destinations that spark creativity and inspire everyone who enters our doors. We are a collective, working together to bring out the very best in the hair, people and the neighbourhood around us and this will not change. However, you will notice some changes with our salons and your services on your next visit.

We ask for your full support once again to embrace these changes as they have been a long journey to plan and prepare to ensure we have created a safe environment for both staff and visitors.


Social Distancing

To create a safe social distance within our salons we have made some changes.

Your Hairdresser /

All of our team are now on a strict split rota where we have created 2 teams with each team working alternative days. This reduces the amount of staff and clients in our salons at any one time.

Opening hours /

Our salons are now open 7 days a week,  Monday – Saturday / 8am – 8pm

Sunday / 9am – 4pm

Salon Space /

Hairdressing Sections – We have reduced our available sections (chairs) to ensure our work spaces are a minimum distance of two meters apart.

Wash basins – We have removed some wash basins and added protective screens between each.

Reception – Our desks have protective screens and our waiting areas have been removed or reduced.

Navigation space – We have marked out 1 person only safe zones. Please look out for in salon signage for full instructions.

Changes to your service /

Due to restrictive space and reduced staff we have had to introduce the following changes to services

Colour Blow drys  – Prior to the pandemic complimentary blow drys were offered after any colour service with one of our apprentices. Unfortunately this is a service we have to temporarily suspend as we have limited Apprentices in the salon to help with reducing numbers of staff and clients  within the salon at one given time.

You can of course book for one of our stylists to blow dry your hair, but this will be at a full price blow dry service and needs to be booked at the same time as your colour appointment. These will be subject to availability.

We have also introduced our self styling option. You will be equipped with all the tools and products to dry your own hair.

Alternatively, after your colour has been rinsed, your colourist or apprentice will ensure your hair is thoroughly towel dried and combed neatly through, along with an option for a complimentary clip or hair band to tie up to leave with damp hair.

Cancellations – We understand that unforeseen circumstances arise that cannot be helped, however we now have to implement a 24 hour cancellation policy due to our vulnerable business position. Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours will result in a 50% charge of booked appointment. These charges will be applied to your next appointment. The charge will be waived if we manage to fill the slot.

Large service deposits – For long appointment slots such as, colour corrections, colour changes, Great Lengths and Nano keratin, a 50% deposit will be required on booking.

Drinks -Refreshment provisions limited to water dispensed in a disposable recyclable cup.

Magazines – Please bring your own magazines or iPads as all magazines are temporarily removed from the salons.

Parking – We can no longer offer to top up your parking ticket. So we request you find suitable parking for the duration of your visit.

Toilets – Please only use our toilet facilities if absolute necessary. If you require them, please notify your hairdresser so we can instruct a member of our team to clean them after use.

Temperature taking –  We are checking our staff as they arrive for every shift.

When booking your appointment – Please ensure you book for the correct service. More time maybe required for colours If you have done home colouring or have extremely long roots on pre- lightened blonde hair. If you are unsure please contact us on hello@nashwhite.co.uk and we can assist you. NOTE: The price of your service will be calculated on the time needed, so please bare this in mind if more time is required. Failing to have the correct appointment scheduled may result in not being able to carry out the service due to strict timings.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

All our team will be wearing PPE during their full working day. This is going to be a challenge for all staff, so we ask for full support on your visit to help us create the safest environment possible.

Washing hands – Upon arrival, please wash your hands at our allocated wash basins or use our available hand sanitiser located at reception.

Towels and gowns – All our laundry will continue to be washed on a high temperature after every use. This ensures every client receives a fresh gown and towel on every service.

Cleaning – Nashwhite have had a very strict cleaning routine prior to this pandemic, however this will now be increased to ensure all contact surfaces are cleaned after every use.

Be prepared on arrival

Bring your Face masks – All clients will require to wear a face mask when in the salon. Please bring this with you. If you arrive without a mask, you will be able to purchase a disposable one from reception with a temporary surcharge of £2 to assist with the extra costs.

No guests on your visit – We ask that no guests are brought with you to your appointment due to the social distancing measures within our salons.

No Lateness – At this time we can only accommodate the allocated appointment time booked for your service scheduled. We will not be able to amend this due to lateness. We ask all clients to please be on time as this may result in rearranging your appointment to another day and a cancelation charge.

No Earliness (it’s new to us too) – With strict measures on social distancing within our salons, unfortunately we will not have the space to accommodate client arriving early for their appointment.

Please wait outside on arrival – When arriving you will be greeted by a sign outside asking you to kindly wait there until you hairdresser comes outside to meet you. It will be really good to see you so please be patient and we will be there as soon as we can.

No face to face communication – All consultations will be carried out in the reflection of the mirror and we will require you to hold a face shield when we carry out a service around the front of your face, such a fringe trim.

No excess luggage or clothing – Please only bring a small handbag and reframe from bringing a jacket into the salon. We won’t have any storage available for shopping unfortunately at this point and we ask you keep any jackets in your possession.

Let’s do this together – Please kindly follow our guidance to help us retain a safe working and visiting environment.

Having any symptoms?

Cold, High temperature. Cough, Loss or change in your sense of smell or taste. No need to panic we will still be here for your when your start feeling better. But for now, please do not visit the salon and let us know so we can reschedule your appointment without a cancellation fee.

We want to thank you for the incredible support you’ve given us over the years. It really has kept us going.