Three of our superstars are Moving Up!
Nashwhite stylists and colourist Ben, Molly and Shannon have all received a promotion at the start of November after proving themselves too good for their current levels!
They are all excelling in every aspect of their positions and so we thought it was the right time for each of them to move on to the next faze of their careers.
Ben is being let loose. Going from an Intermediate Stylist to a Stylist.
After two years at Stylist level, Molly has built up a thriving clientele and vast skill base to warrant her promotion to Senior Stylist. She is also the go to girl for product knowledge.
And Shannon, throughout her career, has always excelled at everything she has done and this has led her to now be one of the busiest staff members at NashWhite. Her knowledge and skill level has moved on past her Colourist position which left us with the easy decision to make her one of our Senior Colourists.
All three of them were required to present two models to the salon. One contemporary and one commercial.
Ben decided to do a hair up and a gents cut “It was a really exciting build up to the promotion evening - finding inspiration and the correct models - was a bit of a stress at times. The evening itself couldn't have gone better! I think the only thing that caught me out was speaking in front of a group of people!"
Molly also did a hair up and a gents cut “I took inspiration for my hair up from a vintage Chanel scarf that had an unusual chain pattern on. Re-creating this in the hair was a challenge but one i loved doing!”


Shannon did two versions of an Ombre “I wanted to show how the same technique can produce two different results. One that can be worn straight from the salon and another that represents high fashion.”



They all presented their creations with the greatest professionalism and made us all extremely proud.
Please congratulate them when you next see them in the salon.