Nashwhite is 5 years old!

That is right, Nashwhite is 5 years old! Who would have thought we would have made it this far? (Well we did, we just needed to prove it to all of you)



The time seems to have flown by. It does not seem like that long ago that we were in the little salon with 4 sections, 1 wash basin and a staff room that comprised of a small set of step ladders in the corner as a staff room. It is not until you hit a milestone like 5 years that you look back at what you have achieved. We are guilty of constantly looking forward to progress our ideas, it is important to remember where you have come from to make you appreciate where you are.



We have grown from just the 2 of us to a strong team of 18. Moved from a tiny salon with 4 sections to a growing salon in a 4 storey Georgian property. We have made the regional finals of the L'Oreal Colour Trophy every year and the Grand Final twice. Been nominated for several business awards on a local and national level. Worked closely with the charity The Little Princess Trust to raise funds, awareness and donate hair to make into wigs. These are just a glimpse into the last 5 years. It seems a lot when you put it down on paper!



We would not have been able to get to where we are now if it wasn't for the support from our clients, our staff, and our wives and families. We are grateful for everything and possibly not the best at vocalising it.



We must remember that this is the beginning. The beginning of something that we want to last a lifetime. We will continue to evolve and stay ahead of the game. We are not wanting to push the boundaries, we want to blow them up. Continuing to bring environments and work that has not been seen in the industry before. Self-proclaimed game changers and forward thinkers. Leaders not followers.