L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015

L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2015

Photographic Entry Stage

2015 is an exciting year for the hairdressing industry as this year sees the 60th anniversary of the L'Oreal Colour Trophy. This makes the competition the longest running live hair competition in the world.

This year at NashWhite, Rob & Lee have handed the reins to Cherry & Shannon to enter the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Image Award and Molly for the L'Oreal Mens Image Award.

After a presentation with inspiration stemming from a variety of sources including fashion blogs, current catwalk trends & film, lots of ideas were formed for the photoshoot.

The photoshoot began early on a chilly Thursday morning, and after some preparation our models El & Maxwell arrived. The inspiration behind El's look was based around a 90's grungy fringed bob, with colour inspiration from the tones found in petrol, deep navy blue, iridescent purple and emerald green. Make up was to compliment and enhance the tones in the hair, with eye make up to highlight the fringe and a strong lip colour to draw the eye towards the hair at the jaw line. A leather dress with a square neck and cut away sides was chosen to compliment the grungy look but not distract from the hair.

Maxwell's look was to have a casually tailored feel, inspired by London Collections. Hair taken short at the sides and back for structure and length on the top to create a softer feel. Colour was to create shine and enhance the natural tones in the hair.


Lets hope they all make it to the regional finials.