Early this year Gemma Robinson assisted some of the industries leading session talent at London Collections Men AW16. She worked through some amazing shows illustrating some key trends coming through in Mens hair and fashion. Take a look at some of the looks created this season.

E. Tautz - Headed by Kevin Luchman

The look for this show was 80's inspired, with hair having natural movement. The hair was glossy, big and bouncy. Majority of the models had natural movement to their hair, if not really curly. These hair types were prepped with Volume Mouse to stop the frizz and then defused in. The boys with longer hair then had some pieces tonged to create more bounce and shine. The other models that did not have movement to their hair were given a swept over side parting using volume mouse or thickening spray dependant on the hair type, dried in and finished with Deconstructor.

Matthew Miller - Headed by Chia Sato

The look for this show was textured hair with natural movement. This was created by prepping with thickening tonic and sea salt spray then using pin curl clips to hold the hair in the right place before defusing dry. Then once dry, brushed out the set using your fingers to dishevel the look. Then using grooming cream and water, scrunch into the hair to remove any frizz and give a little hold.

Christopher Raeburn - Headed by Gary Gill

The look for this show was sleek and military. The prep for this look was to clean up the hair line of the models using clippers and scissor over comb work. Once the fade had been completed we prepped the hair with volume mousse blow drying the fringe up and away from the face. keeping the side smooths. This was finished and secured with hold and gloss.

Xander Zhou - Headed by Gary Gill

The inspiration for this show was that the models had been out all night at a sweaty rave! So the whole idea was that the hair was to be dirty and grungy hair. Their were models that had short and long hair, so there was a few different looks. The main look was created by prepping the hair with water and sea salt spray to to rough the cuticle up drying this in roughly. Layering the salt spray if needed. Then to keep the top and the sides flat we placed a hair net over the head pulling tightly around the occipital bone to maintain the width at the bottom and then spray with hairspray and defused dry. The hair net was left on the head until show time to maintain the flatness.

Bobby Abley - Headed by Gary Gill

Bobby Abley had his inspiration for this show from Brazil Carnival. Therefore all the clothes and accessories were carnival themed. The hair was simple wet look. Bobby Abley words were 'I want the models to look like they have just come straight out of Copacabana beach' So we prepped this hair with gel bringing it off the face to give it that tousled wet beach hair.  Once we had the required movement and placement we defused the hair so the gel was solid. Then in the line up we applied shine spray to give it that extra shine.